woensdag 14 januari 2009

Al-Qaeda using childporn sites to plan Jihad in the UK.

Terrorist organisation al-Qaeda is using paedophile websites to plot terror attacks on Britain, security sources revealed last night.
The depraved sites are password-protected and encrypt data so perverts can conceal sick pictures and messages from police.

But terrorists find such high levels of security ideal for hiding communications from experts at MI5 who listen for al-Qaeda internet "chatter".
A security source said:"Using child pornography sites appears to be al-Qaeda's latest desperate attempt to avoid detection. Sadly, the high levels of secrecy, passwords and encryption demanded by paedophiles means their websites can offer good cover for terrorists."

Another tactic of fanatics is to leave messages in the drafts forlder of a shared email account but not send them.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith desclosed last year that police were investigating 30 major terror plots in Britain and 2,000 suspected terrorists.


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