zondag 25 januari 2009

Now, Cleric Abu Hamza Calls For Muslim Wives To "LAUGH OFF" Rape.

Beleaguered Australian cleric Abu Hamza came under fire again for his radical views on rape when his website claimed that Muslim wives could "laugh off" unwanted sex and rape could be confused with simply having a pushy husband.

In response to the sex-on-demand and wife smacking controversy sparked by Hamza's lectures, his Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia website published an article saying the media had no right to question his marital teachings.

But the article on Hamza's IISNA website suggested a Muslim wife could choose to "laugh off" sex without consent or that spousal rape was hard to define and could just be a case of being married to a "pushy husband".
"If a husband enters upon his wife in a manner she does not approve, she might go as far as to contact the police and accuse him of rape or accept it with laughter and embarrassment, " the Daily Telegraph quoted the article, as saying stated.
Although Hamza would not take further questions on his views, the response on his IISNA website suggested Muslim wives defined rape differently to non-Muslim women.
"The relation between husband and wife - any husband and wife - is an exclusive and closed union, meaning their relationship can only be intervened upon the request or intent of one of the spouses, no-one else has the right to interrupt them," the article said.
"So if a Muslim couple agrees to live their life by Islamic teachings, then they are completely free to do so in the privacy of their home".

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