donderdag 15 januari 2009

Danes Back Israeli Gaza After Experiencing Muslim Violence

Having experienced Muslim violence, Danes support Israel.

The surprising results from a survey in Denmark - which recently experienced widespread Muslim violence - revealed that more people in the Scandinavian country back Israel over the Palestinians in the Gaza war.

According to the poll commissioned by Danish television station TV2 on Tuesday, 29 percent of Danes back Israel's current war against the Gaza terrorist infrastructure. Only 22 percent oppose the offensive and sympathize with the Palestinians.

Thirty-eight percent said they blame both sides for the situation and sympathize with neither.

The picture in the rest of Scandinavia, and indeed most of Europe, has been far different with most politicians and media and much of the public focusing solely on Israels heavy use of force and accusing the Jewish state of overreacting to years of terrorist rocket fire.

Over the past three years, Denmark has experienced several large-scale violent Muslim riots after local newspapers repeatedly reprinted political cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Danish embassies in the Middle East and Asia have also been burned in response to the cartoons.

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