zondag 25 januari 2009

PVV: Hate Preacher Must Leave Country Or Go To Prison

The Islamic preacher Khalid Yasin must immediately leave the Netherlands is the opinion of Sietse Fritsma, member of the Party For Freedom, (PVV) from Geert Wilders.

Fritsma said this after the sheik made the remark on an Islamic University in Rotterdam.

In a speech Yasin said that Geert Wilders should be whipped for insulting Islam.

Fritsma wants the Muslim mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, to stop the American imam from having a speech on Sunday in a mosque.
"It is obvious that this hate preacher calls for violence, he has to leave the Netherlands as soon as possible or go to prison." Fritsma says.

Minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, answered questions of several parties about the controversial imam this week. His conclusion was that there were no reasons to stop Yasin from visiting the Netherlands.
Fritsma said that the circumstances now has changed since the hate preacher made his violent remark.

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